Crest Street Reconstruction begins Monday, Sept. 13; Capital Transit will adjust service

The City and Borough of Juneau’s Crest Street Reconstruction Project will begin on Monday, September 13, and will run until the end of October. A portion of Crest Street located between Old Dairy Road and Mallard Street intersections will be rebuilt and completely closed during this time. A new roadway, sidewalk, street lighting, and drainage features will be constructed. The public is asked to use caution in the area and abide by traffic signage and flagging. For drivers, access to Mallard Street will be via Jordan Ave or Alpine Ave.

Capital Transit is also adjusting routes on all buses servicing the Nugget Mall and changes go into effect Monday, September 13. Service changes include no service to bus stops behind the Nugget Mall, all Valley transfers occurring at the Mendenhall Mall, and modified routing for Express Routes 5, 6, and 8 buses:

  • No service to the bus stops behind the Nugget Mall:
    • Transfers will occur at the Mendenhall Mall.
    • New temporary stops on Glacier Hwy in front of Nugget Mall near Jordan Ave and across the street in front of Jordan Creek Center.    
  • Modified routing for Valley Buses (Routes 3 & 4):
    • Buses will provide service to the Mendenhall Mall both before and after traveling around Back Loop. 
      • Outbound to Mendenhall Loop Rd and Auke Bay buses will leave at :18 and :48 after each hour.
      • Inbound to Downtown buses will leave at :10 and :40 after each hour.
  • Modified routing for Routes 5 & 6 Express Buses:
    • Downtown routing will begin across from Centennial Hall and travel down Willoughby Ave toward the Federal Building. This map shows Capital Transit downtown service routing.
    • Route 6 Riverside Express will provide service to the Juneau International Airport at :27 after each hour. Transfers to other buses can be made at the Mendenhall Mall. Route 5 University Express will NOT provide service to the Airport stop. The airport may also be accessed from the stops on Glacier Hwy near Shell Simmons Dr about 0.3 miles away. 
  • Modified routing for Route 8 Valley Express:
    • No service to Franklin or 4th St. Please wait for the bus at the Downtown Transit Center.
    • Buses will continue all the way around Back Loop to the Mendenhall Mall.
    • Mendenhall Mall to Downtown inbound service will be provided from 3:21 pm until 4:21 pm.  See modified schedule here

Next year, from spring 2022 to August 2022, the rest of Crest Street between Yandukin Dr and Mallard St will be rebuilt.