How to Ride

Trip Planning: 3 Easy Ways

  • Check the system map to see what route(s) connect where you are and where you want to go.
    • Matching color schedules show when and where to catch the bus.
  • Use our easy trip planner on the homepage.
  • Download Transit for your smartphone. With the official app of Capital Transit you can get real time arrival estimates and detailed trip plans. You can also use Google Maps on your smartphone or computer. Just click on the transit icon for step-by-step directions.

Bus Stops                                                                                                               

  • Bus stop signs indicate a designated stop where you can catch the bus.
  • Bus stop signs have been posted along most of each route, please use them.  In other areas you may hail the bus at any safe location along the route.  Please ask your driver or call Capital Transit if you are unsure.
  • Each bus stop sign has a unique stop code posted. Text the code to (888) 497-4896 to receive real-time arrival estimates to your location.


You can transfer between Capital Transit routes at the Federal Building or at Nugget Mall.  At Nugget Mall, if you are continuing travel in the same direction, the transfer is free. (i.e. DT to Nugget Mall continuing to Mendenhall Loop) When paying your fare you must let the driver know you intend to transfer. Transfers are not free at Nugget Mall if you are traveling back in the direction from which you came. (i.e. DT to Nugget Mall continuing back to DT)

Rider Guidelines and Policies

Bikes on the Bus

  • All buses are equipped with bike racks.
  • Bike racks hold 2 bikes and are provided on a space available basis.
  • Learn more about bikes on buses by clicking the link above.

Passenger Safety

  • If you’re catching the bus in the dark, a flashlight or reflective clothing will help make sure the driver sees you.
  • Strollers must be folded before boarding the bus.
  • Please reserve the front seats for seniors, persons with disabilities and others with special needs.
  • Learn more about passenger safety by clicking the link above.

Service Animals

Capital Transit recognizes the critical role service animals have in promoting mobility and independence for people with disabilities. We follow requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Permits and registration are not required but transit operators may inquire about the tasks the animal performs.

Capital Transit Code of Conduct

Capital Transit buses and facilities are for everyone, however, some activities that disrupt the safety, order, or rights of other passengers will not be tolerated. Follow the link to find activities may result in ejection from a bus or transit facility by Juneau Police Department or Capital Transit employee. Report incidents to Capital Transit customer service at 907-789-6901.

Customer Service-(907) 789-6901