Advertise on our buses

Advertising Policy

As a public service, Capital Transit will display interior bus card advertisements for non-profit agencies promoting a service beneficial to bus system clientele and the community. The requesting agency is responsible for all costs, design, and obtaining any permission for intellectual or artistic property use in the creation of the sign. All advertising content and layout must be submitted to the Transit Superintendent for approval prior to the preparation of the sign. Signs must be provided to Capital Transit at its offices at 10099 Bentwood Place, Juneau, Alaska; unless other arrangements have been made.


Interior bus cards must measure 11 inches vertically and may be any width up to 26 inches. Cards should be printed on material resistant to moisture. The preferred material is vinyl. Heavy Paper signs can be accepted, with the understanding that they will be posted only for as long as they retain their legibility and appearance.


Capital Transit currently operates 18 buses on a daily basis. Non-profit agencies may provide any quantity of signs up to 18; however, Capital Transit does not guarantee that all signs will be posted in all 18 buses. Capital Transit will post signs in a minimum of 8 buses, within two weeks of receipt of the signs. Once posted, signs will remain on the buses for a minimum of three calendar months. Any signs not displayed will be retained for replacement and/or future use on the buses or returned to the agency. Signs will be retained by Capital Transit for posting as long as the condition of the sign remains acceptable and the message and relevant information continues to be accurate and timely.

Acceptable Messages and Approval

It is the intent of Capital Transit to provide information on the buses that is useful and beneficial to the ridership and community. Signage must be legible and of professional quality, and the information presented in an accurate and positive manner. All advertising content and layout must be submitted to the Transit Superintendent for approval prior to the preparation of a sign. Any signage that is received without prior approval may not be posted. Signage that is not acceptable will be returned to the agency with an explanation of why it is not acceptable. The Transit Superintendent’s decisions on content, appearance, or signage materials may be appealed to the Public Works Director in writing, within 15 working days of the denial. The decision of the Public Works Director is considered final.

Contact Information

You may direct all requests and questions concerning this policy to:

Capital Transit
10099 Bentwood Place
Juneau, AK 99801
Telephone: 907-789-6901
Fax: 907-586-0912