V.I.P. Bus Pass Eligibility and Conditions

Download the V.I.P. application form

What is the V.I.P. Bus Pass?

The V.I.P. buss pass is for persons with disabilities who use Capital Transit.  It allows qualified individuals to ride free.  The V.I.P. pass is intended to increase the availability and convenience of public transit to persons with disabilities in Juneau.

Who is eligible?

Any person who presents proof of one of the following conditions is eligible to obtain a V.I.P. pass.

  • Is currently eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits or currently receives Supplemental Security Income Benefits due to a disability.
  • Is currently certified by the Veterans Administration at a 40 percent or greater disability level.
  • Has a valid Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration.
  • Is certified by their treating professional familiar with the disability that prevents them from safely operating a vehicle.

To use the Capital AKcess reservation service an individual must be certified as eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements and unable to ride the Capital Transit fixed route buses all or some of the time. These persons must also have their physician complete page 5 of the V.I.P. application, Treating Professional Certification.

Where is it issued?

Eligible persons may apply for a V.I.P. bus pass at the Capital Transit office at 10099 Bentwood Place or City Hall at 155 Heritage Way.  Applicants will need the completed form, valid photo identification card, and substantiating documentation.  Persons applying for an ADA Capital AKcess pass should review the Accessibility page and contact the Capital Transit office with additional questions.  ADA passes for Capital AKcess are only processed by Capital Transit staff.

How long is it valid?

Passes issued to persons with long-term / permanent disabilities are issued for 3 years.  Temporary passes may be issued to persons with disabilities that are expected to last 3 – 12 months.  Passes will carry an expiration date and may be renewed only if the disability continues beyond that date.

What does it cost?

There is no charge to obtain the pass. Replacement passes may be obtained for a fee of $2.00 plus tax.

How does it work?

The pass is an identification card which is used by the holder to board the bus at no cost. The holder of a valid pass must simply show the pass to the bus driver as they board. The pass must be shown each time they board and must be surrendered to the driver if requested.